How to Order:

Event Specific Information;

Information specific to your event can be found in the Tables and Links tab such as links to order forms, lists of names, information on cropping, picture number references etc.

How to Locate Picture Numbers:

1. Select 'My Photographs' from the top menu and click on 'All my Photos'.

2. Click on the event Gallery that will contain your photos. You may need to select a second level of gallery for a large event.

3. Locate the thumbnail of the pictures you are interested in.

4. Click on the picture to launch a larger view. The larger view has the picture number at the bottom of the picture. Use the thumbnails or the arrow button to navigate through all the pictures you are interested in.



General Ordering Information

Locate the picture number(s) of the pictures you want reprints of.  (See How to Locate Picture Numbers above)  The picture numbers are in a format "YMMDDxNNNNLL.jpg".   For example "C0601x4523K.jpg" contains the date 'C0601' the picture number '4523' with suffix letter 'K'.  The images shown on the web site are significantly condensed and not necessarily retouched, color corrected or properly cropped for the sizes you want to order. We will do that when you place the order using the full resolution original image file. Orders from events are often batch produced from our processing vendor so there may be a delay while sufficient order quantities are gathered.

For all orders we require a minimum of 50% down payment.  You can select to either pick up the prints when available at the studio (for free) or have them mailed to you (for an added shipping charge).  Full payment is expected before delivery. We accept phone credit card payment using MasterCard, Visa or Discover. We do not accept American Express.

Determine how many of what sizes of each of the pictures you would like, also decide if you have any special instructions then:

1.   Call Kid Pix Studio with this information at (775) 783-0880 and place your order or drop in to the studio Tuesday through Friday, 10AM to 5PM if you want help in ordering.  (We may be on location, out on business or busy with another customer so it is wise to call ahead to make sure we will be available or make an appointment.)


2.   Download and print an order form (the event information in Tables and Links will have this) then fill it in, attach payment, and either drop it at the studio or mail it in.


3.  Use the "Contact Us" link to send an email to us with your picture selection, sizes, quantity and a phone number to contact you. We will contact you to arrange payment before the order is accepted.


4,  If the "Buy" option is enabled (which is rare), select the picture you want, select the 'Buy' button and proceed to add the quantity of each size you want to the shopping cart.  When you checkout you will be instructed to contact Kid Pix Studio to arrange payment.  Your order will automatically be forwarded to us.

5.    ALL orders are fulfilled by Kid Pix Studio so whether you use the shopping cart or call us, we will process your order.