DHS Commencement:

The pdf walking order document linked here gives a good approximate order of receiving diplomas. You will need the free pdf reader to view this document. 

Pictures recieving the diploma are in the Diploma Folder, while pictures of the procession, speakers, presentations etc., are in the Ceremony Folder.  Use the pdf search tool to locate the graduates name and number or just view the list to find the name. You can then use the ordinal number as a starting point to find the graduate's picture in the Diploma file. For example if the graduate's number is 52 start looking at the 52nd picture in the diploma picture folder. You may have to go forward a few pictures to find the graduate (the higher his number, the further you may have to look). Some individuals have multiple pictures so go forward and backward to make sure you have previewed them all.  The pictures in the ceremony folder are simply sequential as they were taken.

Please note that the pictures are highly compressed to allow for quicker computer access and are watermarked. We need the actual picture number "C0601xNNNNK.jpg" for Kid Pix to fulfill your order.  (See the "How to Order tab for information on locating picture numbers.)

Please also note that the pictures have been cropped to yield a 5x7 sized good view of the graduate but been only minimally retouched.

Walking order Lists:

2016 Walking Order:  http://kidpixstudio.zenfolio.com/walking_order_2016.pdf

2015 Walking Order:  http://kidpixstudio.zenfolio.com/walking_order_2015.pdf

2014 Walking Order: http://kidpixstudio.zenfolio.com/walking_order_2014.pdf

2013 Walking Order: http://kidpixstudio.zenfolio.com/walking-order-2013.pdf

2012 Walking Order:  http://kidpixstudio.zenfolio.com/Walking_Order_2012.pdf

Commencement order form:  http://kidpixstudio.zenfolio.com/commencementorderform.pdf

Picture prices are:

8x10 $15.00

5x7 $8.00

5x7 + 4 Wallets $14.00

4 Wallets $6.00